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Theresa is in her second year at UCLA. She does like the all year warm weather. Her modeling work is only parttime, while She studies , yes believe it or not, Physics and wave theory-not for surfing. Theresa is wearing her AshoreShop Swimsuit Zip front, open back, One-piece, stunning monokini. She’s a sun worshiper, but the right amount. Nothing like an ocean breeze.




Now Sady did not want to get dressed up today. She ordinarily likes to dress down and rough it with the guys, especially when she part-times as a deck hand for a tour boat. But todays there’s a dinner date with her beau from Georgia Tech, so she’s a bit spiffed with her Ashore shop Motorcycle jacket and matching attire-she’s tough and pretty, so that’s acceptable. Galveston is where she grew up, and she likes to walk on along the Seawall. She knows the best beaches in Galveston and the best deep sea fishing spots. A lot to do before she heads to Texas A&M.






That’s Deanna. She grew up in Montana, but came to Chicago (the 3rd most populated city in the US)  with her family as a teenager. She had a tough time adjusting at first, changing schools, but she finally got acclimated and now loves Chicago. She Graduated last year from the Art Institute of Chicago, and has a job in Media Communications, while she pursues her own artwork at home. She actually got a studio with a sky light. Not far from the River North Gallery District’; shes very proud of that apartment. Note Chicago has some great museums; she’s dressed right for the ‘Windy City’ in her AshoreShop motorcycle jacket,  by the shore of Lake Michigan, or when she goes to the Galleries or Museum of Contemporary Art with her boyfriend.

Februar 23, 2021 — Ashore Shop