Ashoreshop Fashion Coast Town Tour.

Shop the City Look and be the Cats Meow.



Claire knows it cool down by the waterfront with Manhattan’s Freedom Tower in View. She’s got her Ashore Shop powder pink cold weather jacket, and she’s snug even while its unzipped. Claire is a Manhattan 5th Ave baby; she went to an all-girls prep school and now she’s first year Law, very focused. Living in Manhattan she knows business, wall street, and now the law, so watch out.




 Dylan is in Miami for a 10-day getaway with her 2 kids, who are right now with grandma, further up the beach. She’s getting some real R&R from a hectic job in an insurance company, where she is an underwriter. She’s wearing her bright and snug Ashore Shop 1-piece Palms Swimsuit and it looks great. Later in the Week her husband is flying in to meet up with the family.  Paradise.



Well , Tracy summers on the Cape, but Winters in Palm Beach-Yeah, it’s unfair, and poor little rich girl, but She works hard as a full time Accounting consultant and spends her own money. That’s her father and uncle in the background, and they’ve had enough shopping. Tracy’s wearing her Ashore Shop Swim dress, fits in , and ready to swim or shop, pretty neat.

Januar 21, 2021 — Ashore Shop