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Ashore Ripple Stretch L...
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FABRIC SOLVED THE FITTING ISSUES: Shopping fashion online, It is not easy to find the garment perfectly fit you. Our “RIPPLE STRETCH” fabric is your perfect solution for freedom fit. Starting from 2018, We have explored and found this unique stretchy fabric for our summer beach vacation customers and gave a name called "RIPPLE STRETCH" fabric.  The fabric is processed by a special engineering heating process to make the fabric permanently pressed pleated or shaped and has super stretchy quality. When you wear it, it will automatically fit any shape and size of the body. It is very comfortable and airy. No worry about fit. Our artists and factory work very hard to put modern art on the garments Tshirts, Dress and more . Here are our latest summer 2023 collection. ENJOY EXPLORING AND SHOPPING WITH ASHORE RIPPLE STRETCH GARMENTS with no worries of fit, called "FREEDOM FIT"