Ashore Shop has formulated the terms, conditions, and return policy procedures shown on this page to provide the most fair, functional, and rewarding shopping experience to its customers and to allow the store to operate and maintain its workforce.

Ashore Shop customers, whom we greatly value, please note that the store does not offer ‘by default’  “Free Returns”; Returns are reviewed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the Ashore Shop Return Policy.

As we pledge an adherence to these terms and processes, we request that customers do the same so the Shop can properly respond to customer need. Ashore Shop does reserve the right to address defamation, and otherwise inaccurate claims as to our diligence in customer response, and to the store’s earnest effort to implement these policies. We sincerely appreciate our clientele and pledge to offer the best service that the market allows. Please contact us at with any of your concerns, wishes, or questions . Thank you.

Please note: Customers filing frivolous or false disputes is considered fraud; and this can also destroy credit rating. Customers should be aware of Ashore Shop stated Shipping times and policy, and when there is concern, customers should contact Ashore Shop first.

Company’s, businesses, proprietors, entities, or individuals who have what  is an unmarked but registered image of any model or clothing piece which has been disseminated distributed, or otherwise widely displayed at websites or platforms, often in the thousands, who see such an image on this site, may contact this email address;, whereby such image will be immediately reviewed by Ashore Shop. Any marked/designated/ or otherwise receipt of ‘Notice and take down’ will always be seriously reviewed by Ashore Shop.

Any frivolous, defamatory, indirect accusations, or actions towards this site and company, for the inadvertent representation of any such widely distributed unmarked image , will be addressed by our legal team.