Ashore Shop presents unique fashion items, worldwide. Our goal is to provide desirable and  creative items to enjoy in all seasons. For shipping and delivery we contract both domestic and international couriers to transport items to our customers. Based on expectations from these couriers we have displayed the following time-frame for processing, shipping and delivery:


Free Shipping:
3-5 days for order processing, followed by an average of 7-15 business days for shipping and delivery

Exceptions to the shipping time include calamitous weather, natural disasters, pandemic restrictions, or other trade or international crisis, outside the courier control.


Ashore Shop clearly states our retail anticipated delivery timeframe above and on our website shipping policy page. Customers who file frivolous and effectively false disputes based on an incorrect expectation for processing, shipping  and delivery to occur earlier than our stated delivery timeframe, will be addressed by our legal team.


 Ashore Shop pursues all measures to facilitate item delivery, however we are subject to our stated anticipated delivery timeframe and policy. Clearly we want our customers to be pleased by their shopping experience, and we will continue to pursue that goal with all our effort, within the stated parameters.


All our Best Wishes and Happy Shopping !